Bratwurst Sausage

Today’s Recipe

A rich pork and beef sausage.

Pork 356g
Beef 108g
Back Fat 100g
Rusk 50g
Egg 40g
Water 10g
Cream 63g
Superphos 3.5g
MSG 0.7g
Dextrose 7.0g
Seasoning 18 g
Put fat through the fine plate
Put pork and beef through 3/16 plate twice
Kept the meats separate.
Emulsify fat with cream, eggs and water in small blender bowl
Mix with rest and beat with the paddle.

Batch of Seasoning
Nutmeg 1.8
Ginger 1.0
Carraway 1.0
Goriander 2.0
Salt 18.0
White Pepper 3.0


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